Love God.  Love People. Serve Both.

To show the world that God is active in our lives by worshiping God in a way that is relatable to our culture and by loving other people through practical selfless service.


NewtonCC exists to help people grow in relationship with Jesus Christ so they can help other people in our community believe in God and His love for them.
Who we are
Newton Christian Church (NewtonCC) is an independent, non-denominational church, with roots in the Restoration Movement, that wants to see the love of Jesus for all people lived out in our culture. We believe the best way we can do this is to help encourage and equip people to live a true, authentic faith everywhere they go. We call this Church + Home. Here at NewtonCC, we strive to have a great atmosphere of love, celebration, forgiveness and praise. We also believe that the same atmosphere should be present in everyone’s home.  We strive to live and worship by the Bible alone and believe that we are Christians only, but not the only Christians.   We value unity in Biblical essentials, liberty in matters of opinion and in all things love.

Our purpose in gathering is to worship our GREAT God and as we do that, we want to be a place of deep connections and support.  We believe that is only possible through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. We also want to teach and equip people to be able to live out love, celebration, forgiveness and praise with the people they live and interact with on a daily basis in their home as much as when we gather.
How it all started
The Newton Christian Church (NewtonCC) held its first service and mid-week Bible Study in September of 1982, with the first regular Sunday service taking place on October 24, 1982.  The church opened its charter with 21 members in January 1983.  Property was purchased one year later and the present building was dedicated in September 1985.

NewtonCC was started through the vision and support of Christian Evangelizing Association (CEA). CEA was started  in the 1950’s by Christian churches in Wichita with the intent of reproducing the church as it was originally established. Since beginning in 1983 NewtonCC has continued to strive to help people discover the love of Christ and to be a healthy church of healthy individuals.
Expanding the vision
During the 2010’s NewtonCC grew in numbers and in 2015 the leaders saw a need for more space and started a capital campaign to expand the facilities. Through faith, generous and sacrificial giving and the hand of God the church was able to move into a new worship center in 2017.

The key ministries of the church include a philosophy of building up the church through the home. We call this ministry “Faith @ Home.” This is accomplished through equipping families to be the church in their neighborhood. We strive to bring households of all kinds, including families with children, our senior adults and single adults into the same philosophy by encouraging them to view their life through the lens of a home equipped for the purpose of discipleship.  Our desire is to be believers who don't just go to church, but are actively being the church in the places where we go.