We believe that spiritual growth happens best in the context of community, because none of us was ever meant to do life alone.  Connecting with God and others in our corporate worship gatherings is extremely important, but the community and relational connections we all are wired to need, happen best when we sit in circles, not just rows.  

This is because when we gather in a small group environment, we are able to look at each other's faces, hear each other's deepest needs and concerns and walk with others through life, sharing love, encouragement and accountability.  

Since the New Testament teaches that the Church is people and not a building, by gathering in small groups we are expanding the influence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more than just one physical location and even to every home.  This emphasis on small groups, is part of our Church + Home strategy, in which we strive to have a great atmosphere of love, celebration, forgiveness and praise, not only in our corporate worship gatherings, but also in every home and in all we do.

At the heart of NewtonCC, are small groups that meet at different times, on different days, in homes and on the NewtonCC campus.  

If you would like to take this important step of experiencing Biblical Community, we invite you to explore our small group opportunities.

Contact the Church Office @ 316-283-5998 or Staff@NewtonCC.Church, if you would like to know more about what NewtonCC small groups are available OR if you would be interested in hosting/leading a new small group.